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by @aurynn and @ignifluous

a distinctly new photo-poetry adventure

Doesn't summer always end too soon? The holidays fly by, and then you're stuck back at the office. The glorious sunshine outside the window is nice, but ... it's just not the same

The forest hills, the crashing waves, birds cavorting in the bush, the resplendent peace of a summer breeze on a clear sunny day.

We're capturing a little of that, just for you.

DISTINCTLY: Coromandel is a magazine-style collection of stunning photographs of the Coromandel Peninsula , each paired with a freshly-written poem to intrigue, provoke, and inspire.

We're trying to make something special. Something that will shine from your coffee table, sparking new conversations with old friends. Something to quietly browse in your garden, as you sip at a refreshing beverage. Something to bring back happy memories of sunshine, as the fluorescent bulbs flicker over your desk.

And most of all:

We want to share our love for New Zealand's natural beauty, with you.

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